Monday, 5 October 2009

109. Time for a haircut

What kind of a style should I get this time around?

I am thinking, I shall keep my layers, add heavier bangs and possibly (though not probable, dye to a lighter shade of brown) :)

My hair is starting to lose volume and shine. :( And now that winter is here, *runs away in horror! Don't even want to think about what will happen over the next 3 months.

Help! :(

Maybe for my next post (or the one after that), I am going to try some home remedies out to see if I can regain some shine, moisture and volume to my hair! The main idea here is to use old time home remedies!

Guess, I am going to go and try that now. First up : Rinsing hair with tea. :)

*I sense this will go very wrong.

Shall blog later! Once my Bluetooth gets out of PMS-ing mode!


hevn said...

Tea?!? what sort of tea?

Do let us know how it goes :D

Lisa rock your socks! said...

It actually works!
Well, relatively. Not worth the time and waste of tea bags, but its amazing how it does work!


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