Friday, 23 October 2009

123. Removing nail polish, options

Home made French Manicure, baby!

Anyways, I posted up a question on Facebook earlier today asking about how to remove nail polish without using nail polish remover.
But, there was no takers on that question. :/

But, because I was desperate I googled it and tried the following options.

Alcohol : Doesn't work. Being at home, I obviously have got a supply of alcohol lying about, I took a bottle of Chivas Regal and tried it.

Turpentine : Doesn't work. Well, I freaked out once my hands felt funkydoodle.

White spirit : Worked. Only I also freaked out, and stopped after half a nail.

(Both the ideas above caused a minor heart attack and left me fumbling for nail creme afterwards. Don't try it at home, unless you are a dude)

Fingers : Worked. The safer option. Just took painstakingly long.

Painting another layer on top then rubbing it off : Worked, but stupid idea, end up making more mess than when I began.

So, eventually I ransacked the house and found drops of leftover nail polish remover and used that instead.

There lesson for the day : Nail polish is to be removed by nail polish remover. Period.

Song recommendation for today :) ♥
The acoustic version is much better.

Motion City Soundtrack, Fell In Love Without You (Acoustic version)


Kennee said...

Me like ya pose... Sexay... XD

Lisa! said...

In other words, rather slutty. :P Haha!
But I guess Thanks anyways! :)


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