Friday, 9 October 2009

112. Knick Knack Pictures

Random pictures from my phone from ages ago, to recent.

First we start with pictures of me

The time we went corn picking. I actually quite like picking my own food, I find it intriguing.

And specially when you discover huge ant hills like this!
Its crazy huge! This was taken during one of our mushroom picking trips.

My bad habit, I like taking cups of water into my room, and never take it out again.

Munchkin in Edinburgh, during one of our super late night walks

Looks like an average picture of me, but this is when I was putting on all possible make up.
Eye-liner, mascara, blusher, eyeshadow, bronzer, you name it.
Now that I think about it, maybe since I look the same I should reduce my make up usage :)

Nam nam muffins! I love Sofie's cupcakes thing, it makes a world of a difference!

Probably the only time I didn't finish a Starbucks.
This was in Glasgow and I was feeling puke-ey.



Your eyes can be deceiving, Think this was from the MNG catalogue

Bluetooth PMS-ing.
Must get the kid to fix it first. :)
Shall update later cuteness.
Got to end with with a picture of me :)

Next blog, should either be about Geocaching or Home Beauty Remedies, tried and tested :)

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