Tuesday, 6 October 2009

110. Some pictures

Pop art!

Oh hai! :)
*I swear Magnar's Photobooth is so much better than my own!

I was going to upload some long abandoned pictures from my Sony Ericsson phone, but alas, now that the Bluetooth function is fixed again, I realize, I don't have a method of charging my totally battery dead phone till later. See, I don't have a charger that fits the Norwegian plugs. :(

Things to learn : When buying electronics from abroad, make sure you check that you have got methods of charging them! Oh and remember to bring cables along too!

I don't really know what to write about as I didn't do too much today except go to a lecture in college, then decided that for my year end project I would be writing about Jotun Sens (a type of asthma approved paint?)

My group project is a 4000 word essay on that product. I think its relatively interesting but we shall see after I attempt to write 4000 words. How much can I possibly research about paints?

Good thing is that its just like the Extended Essay thus I know it is totally do-able! (such major Deja-Vu!)

Other than that, I was over to see Magnar. Surprise? *shifty eyes*
It is utterly amazing how fast time flies when I am with him. As romantic as it might sound, its ridiculous, then I always end up having dinner there and all that. And before you know it, it's late and I have to go home.

I am surprise I am not yet bored of this kid.

Pfft, thus I vow tomorrow I shall not see him. Maybe that might be pushing it, so let's say I shall not see him for more than an hour! Then I need to get my groove on my project full speed.

*I am determined! Watch me do it

Anyways, I got to go read up about the history of Jotun Paint. Shall blog later :)

Borrowed uncles phone a while back, found this picture! :)

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