Thursday, 15 October 2009

116. Secret Project

Now, you know when you are inspired, nothing can stop you! That was what I felt yesterday with my "Secret Project", till it screwed me over. But never mind that, I am determined!

I can't reveal it yet, but in due time, I shall!
Later today probably, or once I get my logistics about it correct.

Here is a hint : It does involve yarns and knitting needles, and no, I am not going to poke someone eyes out and then wrap them in wool.

Catch you guys later!


Thomas said...

I was just about to suggest the eye-poking and woolwrapping!

What can it possibly be?

Lisa! said...

Oh Thomas, how you read my mind...
But wait for it, wait for it... :P

Its just amazing I tell you, such a brilliant plan even I am amazed at my .... yeah.


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