Monday, 8 March 2010

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When I was younger, I always wondered why are there age limits to some movies and games and what nots. My excuse was simple. My parents didn't exactly put a "limit" to what my sister and I can or cannot watch. And with that being said, I have always felt that I grew up okay?

I guess in some ways, we are all different. I grew up liking comedy sitcoms, loads of Disney and every imaginable cartoon.I also enjoy watching Oprah and loads of Cantonese Drama series. Even when my parents (as I said) didn't really control what we watch.

But, I have also always thought that was the case for many others.

Then lately, I have been reading about the case of James Bulger. The 2 year old boy who was brutally murdered by 2 other 10 year olds. And their method of killing him is simply unfathomable. 

And, lately I've been reading how (if I haven't misinterpreted the news) these crimes might have been link to how these 2 children were allowed to watch numerous horror films while his mother smoked illegal drugs.

I am not here to discuss how or if these kids should be punished and how the should be punished appropriately. Or who should be the one held responsible for the doings of these boys. 

I was just thinking and realizing that sometimes those age appropriate limits should not be taken so lightly after all. Because that freedom in the wrong hands, is just not okay.

Children sometimes only know so much. It is the responsibility of the adults to sometimes step in and create a limit. 

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