Sunday, 7 March 2010

242. So help me understand

So, help me understand something.
Lately I have been applying for more and more summer jobs so I know I will make some spending money this summer and not to bum around like I always do for months.

So, writing the applications itself aside. I really really really don't understand why we need to give in a picture of us alongside some of the applications.

Why? Can they not hire ugly people or something? 

Because, help me understand this, when they say they want a picture of us alongside the applications, what kind of picture do they want from us exactly?

1. One with loads of background image?

2. One that shows I have got some amount of friends?

3. One that shows that I can pretend to be cool when needed?

4. One that shows I am willing to make a fool of myself to see someone else smile?

5. One that shows that, when needed I can result to using my sex appeal?

6. One that shows, I am in some ways quite in tune with all sorts of weird products.

7. One that shows that I can sometimes be quite funny?

8. One that show that I sometimes have genius ideas you should know about?

9. One that shows, I can pretend to be brainstorming for ideas?

10. One of the bunch where pictures are only suited for passports.

So do they want a black and white, coloured, pretentious smile, real smile, overly made up, au natural, with poses, no poses, with background, no background, cute, not cute, funny, not funny?

What kind of pictures do they want?
Someone, enlighten me. Please.

On my last application, I choose to give them... this.
How can you not love that stoopid face!

No, really. What kind of pictures do they want?

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