Sunday, 14 March 2010

246. Weeeeekend!

So, as you might have already read on my Twitter. I had an absolutely fantaboloustic day yesterday! 

Early in the day involved ripping off wood panels and taking down cabinets and shelfs in the room downstairs. We are renovating it before the folks arrive later in June! So in some ways that was quite fun.

Oooh! Then I helped my uncle sell these. 
And there are people who called within 30 minutes of putting the ads out!

They were my uncles pride and joy but sadly the new room doesn't have a space for them. :)

Then, I went over to see Magpie because it was our ... (I honestly am not good with numbers anymore)
Oh right, 22 monthnivarsary? Wow pie, its been almost 2 years since. :) 

Magnars feet and Me.

So, plan was I was going to go get some sushi because well, I love my sushi.
And how did I know, that the Hjelmstads were also going to go out for sushi, and thus my dinner for two idea became, Dinner with the Hjelmstad's at the "Sushi Bit" :)

Picture from Magnar's Twitter (He could have bothered to take a better picture surely)
(Oh, to make things clear, I don't mind because they are quite awesome)

So, I thought that was an awesome day itself. When I got home I found out my sister got into some seminar thing in the USA and wondered if I wanted to go along this summer! For obvious reasons if she go, I have to go too, because I am awesome and due to my sister's obvious lack street smartness. :)

So, the idea is if she goes I go too! And the fact that she is already here in Norway when she is supposed to leave.

I have been missing the US! Though as much as I would like to get excited. I really have to figure some things out first, as I was really really really really intending to get a summer job. 

And since mummy and all is coming this summer, we already had a lot of prior plans!

Oh, that and that idiotic sister of mine is supposed to be in Norway till October anyways. So we need to figure out her tickets and etc. 
So, I'll wait with the excitement for a little bit. 

How how how how how? 

(Did I also mention that my sister has invited Tor to apply for it too and he might be joining us) Bah, guess we shall see how this all turns out. Wee!

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