Wednesday, 24 March 2010

256. Music Plug

Breathe, Taylor Swift

Now here is the interesting part of stuff. I know of a girl who most of this blog readers know off or use to go to school with, who also sang a cover of this song which I think was just exquisite.

That was a tad confusing, but basically. I know the girl exist and where she used to go to school and also somehow, where she is studying now. And I have also once stumbled upon her blog from Jasryn sidebar links. :)

Always creeeeepy when that happens. Sometimes the world isn't so large afterall.
Oh look, they allow embedding! Awesome!

I normally like songs with the title Breathe, because well sometimes its the best thing you can reward yourself with. :)


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


Even week another photo album

Greetings from Italy,


Lisa! said...

I dont even know what Photoblogging is unfortunately :)


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