Friday, 19 March 2010

251. T.G.I.F.

Which reminds me, it used to be that both T.G.I.F and Hard Rock both had a lunch deal for 99 NOK. But somehow Hard Rock has decided they wanted to charge full price for their lunch deal these days. So it's only TGI from now on for poor students like me :/

The last time I had a Caesar salad and I thought it was delish. Everyone should go there sometimes!
Tell me if you are too, for I would love to join.

Now, here is my rant for today. 

If you want something, isn't it only normal one works for it?
And if I am willing to go to extreme lengths? Shouldn't I be allowed to do it? And heck, who are we to decide whats okay and what's not? Why are we judging? Why are we so used to judging what we don't completely know?

For we are, ultimately an individual, and what goes behind closed door is usually completely unknown.
Do you really see the world/myself/everyone from my point of view? No.

Now, self pity time over. 
My idea has always been, there is nothing in life one cannot achieve if they want it and work for it hard enough. A pinch of luck, and occasionally some money.
But I know, if I want it. I will find a way. :)

Though, if you have delusional exceptions, its a different story. 
But I am sure mine is achievable, and I'll honestly do whatever it takes.
I am such a determined and stubborn little one, aren't I.


Queen Messy said...

No idea what you're talking about...
But if you're poor you will NOT buy a lunch for 99 nok! Who the hell buys lunch for 99 nok! That's ridiculous! That's should be the price for DINNER. Not lunch. The end.

Lisa! said...

You forgot you are in Norway.
And McDonalds cost about 110 including a sundae.

And one doesnt do it all the time, everytime we need catching up with people after 3 weeks. 100 NOK is okay? No?

Catzy said...

I have to agree with Johanne here, I don't think those who can call themselves poor students eat lunch for 99 kr. ^^ They don't eat out, probably eat bread for lunch and noodles for dinner. I think you can call yourself quite privileged.
For the hair experiments, I bought these olive soaps at Keiser, and they make your hair really soft, and is not as greasy as using edible olive oil. And really cheap too! 24 kr. for like 5 bars or something. That's a great deal for poor students! ;)

Lisa! said...

*Runs frantically to Keiser!
Gotta try that one out! :D
Thanks for the tip!
Are you hair experimenting too?

I am going to start to eat cheap from well, next week. Two meal out a week at most?


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