Monday, 29 March 2010

261. Karlstad!

Teen Vogue on sale!
Vogues are honestly, more advertorials then essence. 
It's a fun read nonetheless though

Good way to spend some time.

Anyways, Karlstad is, small.
There is no more than 3 streets of shops and well, they arent too great.
Uncle say it is like a smaller version of Drammen, Norway.

So, yesterday we were first at a horrid Malaysian restaurant for lunch who overcharges the food they "claim" to be Malaysian, really isn't. Pfft.
Completely hates it when that happens. 

Then we went for a drive around the area, bought some groceries, and came back to the hotel for some dinner. 

Then my Uncle and I went to watch the Green Room with Matt Damon at the SF Kino! 
SF Kino here is below mediocre, and since I have also been playing in the bubbly hot tub earlier and is completely relaxed, I couldn't stay awake! But, if I can't stay awake, maybe the show wasn't too great either?

Oh, And this stuff really works! 
Completely not recommended if you intend to watch a late night show. 

Right, I guess that was really it for yesterday. Today I am going to sit in the hot tub again, and then Uncle is taking us shopping. Well, because I don't know what else is there to do here? :)

Will be home to Norway later. :)
I miss my Bolster already. 

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