Wednesday, 17 March 2010

249. Haircut!

Yes, I did get my haircut! No difference? There is if you meet me in person!
Stop complaining! I got a fringe cut out!

Other than that, I wonder what happens if one eats 2 boiled eggs for breakfast/lunch and a bowl of cereal for dinner 5 days a week? Oh, And snacks on apples throughout the day? Okay, I ate 3 pieces of chocolate too. FML.

I did this today, and I cannot see how this can be a problem? I feel happy albeit a bit tired though. But that can be due to other factors?

Okay, maybe that is the best way to anorexia. Not exactly what I was thinking of.

But let's say I modify it to be, 2 eggs (Only whites) for breakfast, a fruit lunch and salads for dinner. That sounds much better, no? I am going to give this a try. I can't on weekends because my aunt actually stares at what I eat, but on weekdays when I get money to eat out, I could save it instead!

Now, on a random note.
What in the world is this woman doing to herself! :(
And poor kids!

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