Monday, 1 March 2010

239. Updates

First of March, dateline for Norwegian Uni applications!
I have been down this road, 3 times now... Third year.
And I still don't effing know.

Sometimes, I feel like I should have just gone into a liberal arts college in America and get a degree in Arts and Science! Then I would have learnt a lot of different subjects. And I wouldn't be thinking about this all the time.

Well, too late for that now.

Though, I have decided that no matter what I get into, I would stick with it. 
Screw me if I hate it. Right!
Because, If I go bopping around, I would never ever finish! 
And we don't want that right!



Weird Dan said...

LOL u seriously can blog a lot

Lisa! said...

Haha! Uh.mah.zing right!
That just means you have to come back more often and click more ads! :P


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