Thursday, 4 March 2010

240. A funny feeling

As I was talking to Sharanna yesterday about possibilities of her coming here to Norway this August for my birthday. It hit me, omfg. I am turning 20.

Its not even funny how the big 2-0 is... old.
Ill be as old as, almost everyone I know!

And, It is almost like I am soooooo not ready for it.
Am I suppose to act more adult like?
Should I not be so playful?
Am I suppose to speak eloquently?
Should I talk politics all the time?
Am I going to have to start knitting to kill time?
Will I have to start living alone with 20 cats? :(

Pause : Picture break. 
Hehe, your worst nightmare.

Pippi Longstocking inspired hairstyle.

Ola Amigo! 


Rawr rawr rawrrrrr! 

Passport picture pose. Smile.
*Ckkk* (wtf, how does the sound of a picture being taken sounds like?)

Now, when you turn 20,
Can one not watch Spongebob ever again? :(
But, I loooove Spongebob.

Okay. *Smacks self in head*
Magnar is also twenty, and doesn't always seem like he has changed at all.
And my Sister is, 243212 and she still watches Spongebob. Sleeps with her smelly bolster, has my mother waking her up, and Dad probably still buys breakfast. :P

I guess, turning 20 wouldn't change anything? 
Tell me it wouldn't so I don't freak out!


Anonymous said...

Freaking start at getting a job. A real job.

Lisa! said...

Isn't watching Spongebob a real job beech? :P


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