Monday, 22 March 2010

253. Resignation

So, we have decided that the best thing for me to do to one of my jobs is to resign. Hrmph, that didn't last so long, but it was really fun while it lasted. I learnt and gained a bit more. 

But ultimately it just wasn't worth while. 

It is just not worth it because the woman I work for (so to speak) is always on medical leave. And it has been 2 months in a row now that she has been sick. So that is 2 months of set aside time without being paid. That also means, in the past 2 months I could have made about 10,000 NOK (RM 6000) before taxes but I made nothing.

I just believe there are a whole lot more thing I can do with my time, and if I had known earlier this was going to be the case, I could have taken my course in Entrepreneurship. I had to give that up because I knew I had to work.

So in many ways, I am bit annoyed?
Mhmm. So yeah, uncle and aunt agreed as they usually pay my bills for me anyways and I don't really have any bills of my own ever. So as long as I can get another job soon, I will be okay. I just have to eat out less and shop less. And I guess that is both a manageable task? I guess I will just have to ask for more pocket money. :)

Oh, that and I do also have another job with another commune, that is probably the best job in the world. Only it doesn't allocate that much hours. :) But it is honestly the best job one could have!

So, pfft. Now I got to figure out how to write my bitter resignation letter.

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