Sunday, 21 March 2010

252. A date with Magnar

I dont know if words could really tell the adventures of the day, so maybe this is when people say, Pictures are worth a thousand words.

First we went to the new Norwegian ski jump Holmekollen. We didn't expect that there will be any even there, but little did we know..
We had to park a half hour away. On the top of a hill. 

This is the not so exciting part, walking up to the car again. A 2.8 km walk uphill
I think the funny bit was Magnar going "Would some chocolate make you happy?"
And tadah. He pulled up some chocolate! I did feel better for about 2 minutes.

Kvikk Lunsj, ftw.

Then we headed over to Teknisk Museum over at Kjelsås!
I love that place! So much stuff to play around with! 
Definitely a new must visit for tourist in Norway.

It does say I could climb on the dino!

I never past an opportunity to ride dinos! 

Then the museum had to close :(
So we went to a mountaintop somewhere and had probably one of the best view of Oslo city there is!
Breathtakingly, gorgeous.

We were there just when the sun was setting. Weather wasn't at all bad. For me at least.
(Well, I did have Magnar's jacket, because like he say... I don't like using my own jacket)
But it was just so picture perfect. I haven't seen Oslo that nice ever.

Then we got home, had dinner and watch Food Inc. :)

I really dont know what to say about my weekend. 
Yesterday has just been so awesome! I had a massive ton of fun and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I always ask anyone who I assume knows, what love is?
Everyday, I think I might just be one step closer to finding that out. 


kenwooi said...

lovely place =)

Lisa! said...

Come visit sometime! ;D

erwinator said...

nice colors :-)

Lisa! said...

I know! I thought the colours were gorgeous too! :D

aReaL said...

Dont Kill The Dinasour... He A Good Boys...

Lisa! said...

The dinosaur is a good boy? :P Haha! Sorry, the dino has horrible skin! It was poking me constantly!


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