Sunday, 28 March 2010

258. People say

If you want something done, do it yourself.

Sometimes those things people say, are insanely true.
For today, I realize how the proverb above cannot be anymore true.
Sometimes we might have others to do help you along, but ultimately many things in life is very much based on what you achieve for yourself.

And as selfish as this sound, you really cannot help others before you help yourself.

I thought of this on the way back home today, and realize... this really applies to almost everything I can think of. Men, Education, Money, Job, Skills, Happiness, etc, etc.

Take for example skiing. (Just because Magnar and I was talking about this earlier) 
Last year I made a plan that this is the year I will learn how to ski. Mainly because I am tired of being left out whenever others go skiing. And its an utter importance to me to try everything once. :)

And so, well... if I keep wait for Magnar to understand the importance of me learning how to ski, I would never learn it. 

Why? Because there are many things no one but yourself understand. I can easily bet, no one else thinks any more of it, then me, myself.

So, if you then think about it, there really is no one else to blame but yourself is there?

And this really does apply to a whole lot of other things in life.
We I Just have to learn to not expect nothing from anyone else, but me. 

And, as for my skiing idea. Well, I guess I'll figure something out. I always do. :)
But I know now, I'll figure it out myself and I should forget about having Magnar to help me with that.
But that's okay. For like I say, I'll find a way.


Catzy said...

Go to a skiing course! That is the way I learnt skiing and I think like with learning to drive it is best to get an external instructor to keep peace. Or else you'll end up strangling someone because of the frustration :p Cause you will get frustrated, but just keep it up! Once you master it it is great fun ^^

Lisa! said...

*Working on it! :)

Haha! Uncle said I should just head to a skiing school too :D


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