Thursday, 4 March 2010

241. Another point?

Can I add one more point to my March resolutions?
I think I have hold on to the IB for a bit too long now, it is time to finally start letting go.
*Cue emo music.

And this means, getting rid of this (somehow still existing) pile of IB notes and notes and more notes.
Somethings even I don't know why I wrote them in the first place or what class it could be from!

I truly believe, for every IB student, one must have used up quite a significant portion of the forest in search for that one Diploma certificate. 

10,000 sheets of paper for one Diploma.
Hrm, IB system can be so smart sometimes, no?
And there are about 70 thousand students doing the IB?

And it really is just another piece of paper.
Not that amazing anyways. 

As I was saying, though I already gotten rid of a few boxes of paper about a year ago, I somehow still so many more scrap papers lying about!

For some reason, I like holding on to the IB. 

Maybe it was because it was one of the best times I have had. That and because the books are effing expensive when I bought them!
And I could sell them online, but every once a year, I secretly do go back to them to revel in their mystery and whatever memories they hold. 

All those little stupid scribbles meant a time in the past that I don't really want to put behind yet.

But I know, I must. :(

So yeah, I made a new commitment to getting rid of all this clutter and focus on whats ahead of me. Finally no longer as a high school student.

I really like this stoopid looking face. Haha!
Just had to post it again. :P

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