Thursday, 18 March 2010

250. Coconut milk

Remember how I wanted to try out home "remedies" :) Yeah, I have been using coconut milk alonside the normal routine this past week. Well, I did 3 rounds of this "treatment".

And my verdict. Wait till you see the process, and you tell me.

Basically what the plan was to leave the coconut milk in for at least 30 minutes. But I can tell you this much, it smells so foul. There is no way you could last 30 minutes without feeling gross!
I leave mine for about 5 minutes. Then shampoo and condition the normal way

Price of coconut milk in Norway is about 10 NOK per can and it lasts 3 "sessions". Cost of Elvital Conditioner is 20 NOK (during H&M sales) and lasts 15 sessions. Do the math.

Loves Elvital. Best drugstore shampoo there is!

Though, unlimately, it is about wherether or not coconut milk works. And weirdly enough, I must admit myself, it does.  Not like drastic though, but when I wash my hair you can feel that your hair is bit more silky to the touch. 

So in short, Pro and Cons.
Pro: Works (only slightly different, but there is some difference)
Cons: More expensive than regular conditioner.
Smells horrid. 

Would I do it again?
Personally, No. It is not worth the time and effort for so little change, but maybe there might be someone else who is more willing to do it over a longer period?

Now,lets begin the hair commercial break 

Hrmpf, No one is tuning into my hair commercial. Bah.


Weird Dan said...

Ahahahaha... amusing.....

Supia Chao said...

Kaka.. Glad that you be the white mice for us.. *So not going to try this at home*

Lisa! said...

Haha! Tune in next week for Olive Oil week! :P Haha!
You guys are so cute!

erwinator said...

some use coconut cream for hot oil :-)

Lisa! said...

erwinator : I think I am going to move on to my next project soon, olive oil :P I dont exactly know where to get coconut cream anyways :/

Thanks for the tip though.

Queen Messy said...

So, since it stunk, I wonder would it make your hair stink too? Because that would really be the opposite of remedy. Hmm you could try mixing some perfume in or something <3 Wonder how that would go? You can't try that with Olive oil, the perfume would not mix. But is there any of these remedy-things that are water-based? I would think coconut milk was... What's next on your list?

Lisa! said...

Olive Oil's next :)
Stay tune. :P

But, see the good thing about coconut oil is that just wash it off again with regular shampoo. It just stinks when you leave it on. Not after washing. Wee!


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