Sunday, 1 November 2009

130. November, already?

How can it possibly be November already? I am almost afraid to think about how fast time flies these days!

Soon, it is going to be Christmas again! And I am starting to scout for plans already. It's always best to buy tickets as soon as possible so we need not think about it any longer.

It occurred to me that it has since been, 2 Christmas that I did not spend in Denmark. And there is a very high probability that I might also skip that this year. Plans are being made as we speak. So, I guess we shall find out soon enough.

2007 in Sweden

2008 in Utica, New York

Every Christmas is equally as good if you ask me. It really is who you spend it with that matters most.

So, plans for this year are as such.
  • It could either be that my 4th Uncle comes over from Malaysia and we have to go to Denmark for Christmas.
  • The folks return home to Malaysia and I get to choose where I want to go for Christmas.
  • I go visit Sharanna either in Sweden or in Poland. Which I am liking the sound of it! Poland sounds like a land less explored!
  • I stay in Norway and have a lonely Merry Christmas.
Music plug today: Lenka


Queen Messy said...

I OBJECT! You can't go anywhere! You're not freaking allowed to leave just when I come back hey you! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Nevvva! :'(

Well... If you go, don't go until a few days after the 24th? Or come back before the 8th cause I leave the 9th? Please please please please keep that in mind?

Lisa! said...

A few days after the 24th, also means AFTER Christmas? Which is sort of,not the point?



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