Sunday, 28 February 2010

238. Pictures

Random pictures from my cellphone. Those I manage to upload before my computer's Bluetooth decided to throw a tantrum on me, again.

As you can tell (by his obvious lack of enthusiasm), he wasn't feeling my picture-esque moment!

Obama moments without Obama. 

I piped that weird looking, very delicious cake.

Sexy doggyboo.

Haha, oh! How did that get in here? *roll eyes*

I spot a cutetiepie!

Random shizz I do during breaktime. I MMS Magnar with crap.

Christmas tree, before all the presents!

Dinner at Torbjørn girlfriends place. Rasoi Indian Restaurant.

The day we looked good. :)
Was probably going to Fratelli or something.

Half eaten Subway.
Torbjørn insist we eat a Subway every week! Hrmph.

Vegetarian days usually look like this. Nam nam nam!
I really don't mind veggies. :)

Oh! Whats this?

Ta! Awesomecakes. :)
Going to watch the Men's 50 km Winter Olympic thinggyjamiggy! 
Its supposedly the last skiing event! 

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