Friday, 20 November 2009

140. I miss Christmas

Actually I miss Christmas in America. :(

Just for you Rina: Your favorite kind of picture. The blurry kinds.

As it is here, Christmas is relatively quite soon. More and more decorations are being put up and I love it.
There is a thing with the Christmas season, the feeling of cosy homely-ness. warm and... nice.

Its euphoric.

With that being said. I was just browsing through some old pictures from my America trip last year and I just had a moment of reminisces to probably one of my best Christmas yet, last year.

I remember very well we took a trip to Wal-Mart on the 23rd? and basically went to shop for all possible things to make our Christmas magical.

I remember I went crazy in Walmart over every isle of goodies and then the usual dialogue from my Sister.
Quick note: I truly believe that, One have never seen a grocery store till they see Wal-Mart.

Less than demonic sister: Enough, enough. You don't need that, you already took that other one. One enough
Lisa : But, its Oreo, in Family pack!
Less than demonic sister : But you already bought all the other ones, no need so many, we are going to New York City soon.
Lisa : But, Family pack... *pulls a face. :( 
Less than demonic sister : Fine... Take one. 

See, even the most stubborn of people softens up with the Christmas spirit. Haha!

2 minutes later : Same conversation again, from Shampoo to Onions to Potatoes to Cereal to everything!
And, to make stories short : Yes, I did get it my way that day.

At the end of the day I think we 6 people? rang up a total of about 1000 USD's.

Then I remembered how we all woke up early Christmas morning and all started making our Christmas dinner. I helped Linda make Turkey, Sister went on to making some Breaded Chicken, Others made Salads, Potatoes and all imaginable Christmas feast. :)

Picture does it no justice.

That Christmas was just really, awesome.

It could be that we were all in the same boat, 6 foreigners in the middle of Utica, New York.
Stranded in this small relatively big house spending Christmas with a makeshift family.

I am sure we all missed home, but we had to make do with that we get in life.
And sometimes, what we get truly is enough.

Ahhh, it is hard to describe. But I miss it.
Very much.
Cant believe it's been almost a year since.

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