Monday, 30 November 2009

148.1st Advent

Yesterday was actually quite interesting. First I met up with Magnar then we headed to Oslo for a walk along the pier? Basically we started walking from Skøyen station all the way back to Aker Bryggae along the waterside.

That took us about an hour then we stopped at the Christmas Market at Aker Bryggae which is always fun to go see if ever you are in Norway during the Christmas season. They sell loads of knick knack items that you could just stroll and look at for hours.

Well, one could do that... if it wasn't freezing.

Then we headed back to Lillestrøm and watched the Christmas Lights, get light up marking the 1st advent?

Since Lillestrøm is a much bigger (such an understatement) city then Bodung is, the streets were filled with people! And honestly I loved it. Usually I hate crowds, but since everyone was in such a warm and cozy Christmassy mood with loads of kids running about, adults being calm and singing, people mingling on the streets, everyones happy. I loved it.

Now, I understand why Christmas is so special.

And as for the lighting of the street, it really isn't as dramatic as I have hoped for.

Very un-glam, I am sure. In my defense, it had been a long day!
Going to make Magnar go take another picture of me and the Christmas tree when I look much nicer!
Wait for it! :)


Joyce C. said...

I understand what you mean about crowds... You just can't breathe when you're squished in a herd of people. Moo...

People are so in the holiday mood there already? They have the weather for it I guess. It's cold here too (unbelievable), minus the snow.

Lisa! said...

Well, people here are really civil so they never get too close to you ever, but they are so tall! It feel like a stampede of runway models! :P

Where are you now?


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