Friday, 20 November 2009

141. Making your own jewelry

Everyone knows Norway overcharges for well, everything.
No, really... everything.

So, recently I thought, why not try and make some of those things I waste so much of my money on. Maybe then I can start to spend my money wisely.

Take for example this :

Going for 8 pounds in the UK Online Store, and about 189 NOK in the Norwegian stores.
Converted, that is approximately 20 pounds, more that 100% increase of price.

And above all, not really that fancy. And certainly something I can easily make.

All I need to get is :

  • Some interlinking chains
  • A ribbon in any colour of my choice
  • A cute charm (optional)
  • Some clasps and locks
Sounds easy enough. :)
So, do you think I should try to make that piece?

Heck, I am going to give it a shot. And I'll tell you how that went later.


Queen Messy said...

You're gonna have to get most of that at Panduro, making it more than 198 kr plus time, to get it. But good luck, and have fun :)

Lisa! said...

Well, if I make more then enough, guess what everyone is getting for their Christmas present?

Hee hee!


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