Wednesday, 25 November 2009

144. Pictures

Yes, I did straighten his hair. *Cough 

Guess who came with a bunch of flowers a couple of days ago. :)

Apparently there was no occasion or reason for it. But this coming from a guy that believes giving flowers to the gf's is "against principles". Why did he come with flowers?

Maybe, it was he just being his cute self. <3

I love them none-the-less. :)

My so called products table. Feels like I got quite a bit of junk.

I need more accessories! My favorite-est ever jewelry stand. 
The headless woman topples over quite often though. :(


Right, I don't make a good flower model. Don't want to post any more pictures of me and the flowers. :)
Oh, Magnar and me also took a trip to Fratelli yesterday for dinner. 
And if you didn't already know, I loooooove Fratelli. 

You know what is better than just Fratelli.
Magnar in a suit, and yummy food. Two of my favorit-est sight.
How can this get any better?
How can anyone be better for me? :)

You know, thinking back and looking at these pictures always makes me realize that I need to keep in check my tantrum  because, well... I have them too often and they are never within reasoning when reasoned.
And when you throw kiddy tantrums at people, you overlook everything and focus only on everything horrible. :/
As The-Boy says, you feel good while doing it, but not after that.

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