Wednesday, 11 November 2009

134. On major hiatus

Geocache-ing in Tuen train station :)

Hello all! I am alive and well. In terms of updates, I spend my days lazing about, applying for jobs, meeting a bunch of whackos and doing random things with the boy.

Now, for the important agenda, Blogger has decided that they would like to not allow me access to my own Blogspot accounts! I keep getting this weird error message (I am not on my own computer to show you :( But it usually says that it cannot connect to Blogger server)

So wtfish?

How do I fix it, someone help me! You will be greatly rewarded with my undying gratitude. :)
Mail me, leave me a comment, talk to me on MSN. Someone do something!

I get the timeout error message whenever I try logging on my own computer, but not when I use someone else's.

Google my best friend, are you seriously kidding with me?

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