Sunday, 29 November 2009

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Before I bombard you with horrible looking pictures of me and how I 'celebrated' my 1st advent day, I should blog about something quite interesting. Something "ranty" but yet important to me.

Magnar made a comment about how I always blog and tweet really happy things on my blog and on Twitter, etc and when (according to him) I am not always that jolly and is also rather moody at times.
That is true, but I will have to take that one up again sometime later.

Well, I gave that comment a little thought to myself, and how omfgwtfbbqdvd he was right! I am moody. I throw tantrums, I have mood swings, I am bitchy, I am slutty, just like everyone else.

So, as I may posts up loads of happy pictures of me and blog a lot random crap, but truthfully... how many of you readers actually know me? Have actually even spent time getting to know me? Truth is, very few, close to none.

I don't know half you strangers and occasionally I wonder why are you here to begin with? My life can't be that interesting. But you are still here, and some even keep coming back. And honestly, I quite like that, that is why I keep doing this.

I have always known that my blog doesn't always give me the necessary privacy I need. I blog because, I want to, I like ranting and going on and on about things. I like writing things down for the sake of writing it. It could be that none of the things I write here might even be true, I might be a 50 year old, pedophile, kidnapper for all you know. :)

And thus, because of the relationship distance between you and me is still not woven properly, I cannot for the life in me start blogging about what I truly feel at times. It has always been in me to trust, nobody.
(It is a working process this, but I think I am getting there) 

I read this quote somewhere, sometime. It was about, if I had a deepest darkest secret, and then I end up telling someone else about it. Why should I then be mad at the other person, for even I myself can't keep it a secret to begin with.

Moreover, Sometimes blogging is a show. When the curtain falls, what goes on backstage is not for the audience to see. I write as much as I want to let the world see, and the rest is not for me to present.

So once and for all, you don't know me. You don't know the first thing about me and whatever I write here really, might or might not even be true. I might be a pathological liar for all you know.

Assume that I am a fake and then assume nothing at all.

Now, lets look at cute things instead okay!

I go sleep now and shall blog about how I celebrated my 1st advent day thing tomorrow!
Goodnight all.

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Queen Messy said...

Awww Lisa I wish I could be there to give you the most gigantic hug in the world! I don't care what you say, I know that I know you, and I know that I love you, sooooooooooooooooooo much! I guess hopefully this post was not directed mostly to me but maybe more to completely random people. And also, I will see you in just over 17 days, yay! I'm so happy I actually know you, because that makes life very awesome :) And so do cute dinosaurs :) HUG!


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