Thursday, 12 November 2009

135. Back to Blogging!

Oh how I miss thy Blogger. But I am back! :)
(Well I did not really miss blogging, but I just like things to work then they should)

So, in terms of update not very much has happened.
I am still waiting for some things to arrive in the post and waiting for someone to call me for more job interviews. :(

Tomorrow, I think I shall apply at Skoringen in Lillestrøm Torv. :)
I need a job, or my Speedy 35 might just be a dream of mere existence. I wanted to aim for the Chanel 2.55, but that was so blu-deh pricey! So, maybe I'll try that on next aim...

Right, since my life is a bit monotonous lately I can tell you about the books I have been reading. On my reading list right now is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

I have to finish the book but I reckon it is quite a happy read book. You know, those books that you read for the joy of reading. :) My verdict : Worth the read. Ignoring the 900 pages.

Right, I lost my mojo for blogging today, I'll blog tomorrow.

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