Monday, 16 November 2009

138. New eyeliner!

I am just merely making excuses to be vain. :)

See, I was going to buy myself some black eyeliner, well... because that is the norm, no?

But me being me, I didn't actually checked that I got the right one before happily heading home with my new haul. Till later tomorrow...

Though, I came to realize today that it really isn't such a bad colour, this grey eyeliner. Maybe everyone should get one too and we can create a cult!

Ah, I am such a genius.

So are you going to get yourself some grey eyeliner today?


Queen Messy said...

Pwetty! Love the scarf too!

Lisa! said...

Scarf has a story behind it too! :D
Wait I tell you when we meet again!

kenwooi said...

seriously.. stunning eyes! =)

Lisa! said...

Awww, Thank You. :)
Guess the grey eyeliner works!


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