Tuesday, 3 November 2009

132. Life as a Photobooth

Photobooth style.

It starts really early in the day and usually right after blow drying my hair. Just because I feel prettiest at that very specific moment in time. :)

It then continues on the 45 minutes train ride into Oslo.
And, oh no! It does not stop there...

It goes on to using Photobooth all the way through the night!
And what is Photobooth without a friend to join with and a Happy Ending.

Right then, I guess that shows how I lack blogging material these days! But I shall come up with one soon about how I am going to change school and how I absolutely hate the school I am in right now. :)

Got to go now, Do you vain of Photobooth all the time too?

P:S, Yes Thomas, I know you are thinking about it, I do have more pictures of my Photobooth moments, I only choose the ones I liked best. Haha!

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