Sunday, 1 November 2009

131. Recipes

I am going to give you recipe's from last weeks dinner! :) Super easy to make, rather yummy and above all, almost fool proof!

Lisa's Salad.
I believe the best Salad's you can get is one that is made up of all your favorite-est ingredients!
Unless you want a gourmet Caesar Salad, on an average salad, I say anything goes!

I got the recipe of Jamie Oliver's website for Beautiful Courgette Carbonara minus the Courgette. (:

I think it is upmost importance that the eggs you mix into the Carbonara is as fresh as you can get them because, it makes a world of a difference! And this tip I learnt from The Hjelmstads.

I always thought eggs, were just eggs. But when you try using fresh eggs on this type of recipes, it makes a world of a difference! Not to mention avoids any weird tummy aches.

And after you make your Cabonara you should be left with just the perfect amount of egg whites for a deliciously good Creme Meringue!

It was really good, and really easy to make! Got to say, probably one of the best meringue recipes ever!

I just made myself hungry. How now?

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