Saturday, 28 November 2009

146. Blog reccomendations

So, I thought maybe it is nice to recommend even more blogs I read.
The last time I recommended a blog were for two Fashion Blogs I read,

This time around, it's Malaysian bloggers I think is worth checking out. 
*Since I don't know if I should steal other peoples pictures without permission (and I can't be bothered asking for it either, I shall just quote from them, okay?)

"I could see all of the guys going to get drinks for their girlfriends, and those girlfriends holding their boyfriends’ coats as they waited. there was this one couple right in front of me — the guy kept twirling his girlfriend’s hair around his fingers, and many times he would lean down and press his face into her hair (it was so golden and soft-looking). she smiled much. i wondered if she was happy."

"i giggled and apologized for being mean. he smiled, kissed me, and we fell asleep holding hands. it’s always like that. it’s always about me being mean for the sake of fun and glittery excitement, while he just kisses me and waits patiently until i’m bored of the game du jour, and i return to him, pouting. but i like the fun and the excitement. i can’t give it up, no matter what month of the year it is. there is a pace, and i wanted him to run with me too"

Quotes from Lim Su-Ann,

She doesn't update very often, probably quite busy studying over at Columbia but when she does, all her updates have got an "essence" in them. They are all so eloquently written and occasionally hits all the sore spots that you don't want to remember. :)

"Sentuh bab agama obviously nak lelaki yang beragama kuat (dalam doa selepas sembahyang selalu Ya Allah kau temukanlah aku jodoh dengan lelaki yang beragama, berharta, bijaksana dan rupawan). Rupawan, ish sungguh gatal. Berharta, ini ustazah yang suruh. Bijaksana, for obvious reason."

"I tak suka sweet talker yang dengan semua perempuan dia smooth gila sampai bila dengan yang dia betul-betul sayang pun tiada beza"

Quotes from Hanis Zalikha,

This blog just spells HILARIOUS. I love it! <3
She blogs about everything random and adds such a touch of sarcasm and herself in it. Unfortunately for some of you, she usually blogs in Malay but there are occasional English posts.She is definitely worth checking out if you want something different! :) 

I love how Hanis keeps it real, she is not trying to be anything else but herself. She is awesome! 

Okay, I can go on and recommend 100 more blogs, but I think 2 will do for now. I got to go back to my Guacamole and that glass of wine outside. Shall blog later!

So, do you have any recommendations for blogs I should check out too?

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