Friday, 20 November 2009

139. Find Your Happy Ending.

A quick picture update on Magnar's 20th Birthday.

The to-die-for homemade Black Forest Cake.
*Sigh. I did suggest that Kate had another 342 kids, so they would have a cake everyday of the year!

The kitty with a hundred names. I named it Dot, but as of yesterday's discussion its name is
Dot-Vanilla-Creme-Caramel-Snowball-The Cat. :)

The cute. Haha!

The Dress.

The End.

Haha! Well, fine Magnar got himself a fancy fancy crazy-way-too-many-lenses camera so all the pictures from the party is not with me. But I shall mob him later today for some! :)

His Birthday was actually really cosy, all his closest family members and me. There really is not much to say about a Birthday Party is there?

I had a brillant time and I would think Magnar did too.

Muchkin is getting old, ain't he.

<3 Lisa.

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