Monday, 23 November 2009

143. Pictures

Some random bunch of pictures from Magnars Birthday a week back :)

I don't care too much about the picture, but look at the clarity on some of them! I honestly truly madly deeply believe that clearly focused pictures are simply breathtaking to look at.

*Oh sigh. I almost forgot how awesome pictures can be. I've been living with the Photobooth quality for a few months now. *Wails frantically.

Birthdays are not Birthday's without a cake! :)

Doesn't he look adorably happy?

Basically wtf Lisa?
So unglamorous.

Looks like a pep talk. Haha!

Table deco by me.

This blog is not mine if I didn't get all vain.

More of me! I wish I could take pictures into the mirror with flash but without reflections.

Crazy amazing cake! :)

Birthday Boy and Me.
Ignore the fact that I look like such a slut here. Haha!

Goodnight all. :)


Kelvin said...

haha why say urself a slut? U look nice to me:)

Lisa! said...

Haha! I was intending to say that, the last picture has a very bad angle, and thus releases a very slutty aura about it.



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