Sunday, 15 November 2009

137. Take your pick!

So, since Jimmy Choo's were unobtainable to me, (in other words, long long long long long que, store salesperson actually timing the time you have to get your shoes, loads of beeches everywhere, and above all, they were sold out of my wallet).

I was a tad disappointed to be honest, I was really looking forward to owning my first pair of "designer item" and the studded clutches were to die for. But life doesn't always work out your way? So, there was no Jimmy for me yesterday. But I did have a bundle load of fun and Sushi afterwards!

Looking at the bright side, as my sister say, all the more reasons to go shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue next year! :)

Now I am back home, and I have decided that I shall keep to my online shop browsing. So, since the Dude is Godknowswhere and I still haven't gotten myself a new girlfriend. Vote your favorite dress and maybe I'll get it.

Yes, I am aware they are very vintage, pin up looking things. But that is why I love them! :)

So, if you could choose one, which one would you have picked?


pui san said...

hello, I would choose the second one.. more classy...hehe
well, u can check out some of these blog.. they have some nice things sometimes and sold out very fast...

pying said...

second one!like it as compared to the other 2.

Lisa! said...

The second one is starting to become a hit huh! :)
Thanks for all your "votes" btw. Haha! New readers always make my day!

SarahSC said...


Queen Messy said...

Gee what is is with you Malaysians! I like the first one and the third one :p the second one is nice too, but I don't like the placement of the colors. Red should not be way down there. And too much brown. I like the first one best of all. The red waistband is very you, Lisa. And the black and the white too. FIRST ONE!!!! CHEER, CHEER, even if I am the only one routing for it :)

Lisa! said...

Haha! I digg the first one too! So did George!
I guess it is really strange, but rather cool to see what people prefer!

And Johanne, if you see the back of the first dress, it has a bow! I love bows! :D

c.c said...

2nd one~~~ !!!

imin said...

the second one! :)


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