Thursday, 18 February 2010

224. Sheer

I bought a bunch of sheer clothing pieces last summer and this summer but never actually had the opportunity to wear them! 

I guess I was a bit shy to wear them out and those impulsive buys were just stuff I liked but I didn't know how to pull it off and thus risk looking like a complete hooker.

But look what is on the Runway this season! Dior, Fendi, D&G, etc etc are all putting out sheer this season! And I love it.

Fendi SS '10

Christian Dior SS '10

Diesel AW '10

And Paris Fashion week is not till next week! :)
I cant wait to see what more new things will be "in season" and if they are things I already have in my wardrobe!

Picture source : Various. Mainly Google

So, what do you say ladies. 
Are you a yay or nay for see through/lingerie thinggymajiggy?

Another note to self : Invest in some new underwear!


Queen Messy said...

I am a nay for see through all the way through lingerie, but I am a yay for see through like... sleeves, over some dull colored spaghetti straps?

Lisa! said...

Are you a yay or nay on completely nude then? :P

Wait, I didnt mean it like a hooker sense! Haha!

How Jun said...

There might be differences in cultures across the continents but there is a similarity in the female trait of human being. That's shopping and fashion.

Lisa! said...

Haha! Good one! See now we found something to unite us all! :D


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