Saturday, 20 February 2010

225. Weekend!

Its the weekend! Like we didn't already know that Lisa...

I was thinking I could either head out for a movie with or sit at home and watch Amelie.

Oh and with that said, I am also planning on making some Pineapple tarts just so I get into the whole Chinese New Year mode! There is still 8 days to the CNY!

I remember I used to love eating those pineapple tarts when I was younger, that and kuih Semperit/Ghee/Suji/Kuih Kapit/insert all possible festive cookies, etc etc
You name it, I love it!
*I am starting to get backlogged recipe blog posts now...

So, I have to improvise and make my very own makeshift mini celebration! 
*jumps in joy

Now, just to enhance the mood. Here is a music video of a Malay song that every Malaysian probably know. Not because it's good. But because its one of those songs that has been there forever! :)

Bagaikan Puteri, Farra 

Ahhh, I miss home a tad! I am so going to try to make an effort to go home next CNY! :)
Mhmm mhmm *determined! 


rina said...

You forgot to mention I am the one who bake all those cookies and cakes and baked good. That you and daddy ate up all of it mostly even before I had some. All the time. Then accused me of making you guys fat.

Lisa! said...

Puh-lease beech.

Mummy did it! You merely ... witness and made the most noise while Daddy and I was smartest. We wait to get served.

And as far as I remembered most of the time we bought them from Mummy's friend. :P

We only made it ourself like twice!


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