Sunday, 21 February 2010

228. Pictures

This are pictures of all things random the past week.

Got this bag from Accessorize on sale! Probably my favorite "after Christmas sale" buys yet!
Tell me its super cute! :)

Lesson : This tights is not to be worn when its -20 degrees!

Random stuff from Oda's Birthday

Magnar's Christmas gift. Packs of "dry food" for when he takes me camping! Which is never.

Superbig spork! 

Only thing that is clean in my room

Ughh. It is clean now! For now.

Had to post a cute stuff to distract from all the mess! Meet Truffles! <3

I am desperate for storage space. 

Sushiiiiii with Marius!
Love sushi! Can't wait to have more! Mmmmmmm!
I like my food separate from each other thus, sashimi is the way to go!

End, lazy already.

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