Saturday, 13 February 2010

216. Weekend!

Doesn't seem like much of a weekend to me! 

This week has been so tiring, its completely ridiculous. I am so mentally and physically and emotionally exhausted. 

Thus, I doubt this weekend is going to be one of those happy jump around sleep will 9 am kind of thing. 
But I'll go treat myself later today and it'll all be okay again! 

I have been doing so much work and catching up in school I can feel how its taking a toll. Thats only because I don't work on a consistent basis. Yadah yadah I know! :P
I am starting to wonder, it is either that or could it be my new "diet regime" that is causing my lethargy. More on this later. 


I have to do quite a significant amount of homework more and I am not necessarily up for a Birthday Party today either. 

Okay, *smacks self.
 Self pitying time over. Time to get a grip and get productive.


Anonymous said...

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Lisa! said...

You are such a weird spammer. :)


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