Sunday, 28 February 2010

236. End of February

Love getting parcels in post <3

Lets see how far I have come with my February resolutions!

1. Lose 5 to 8 pounds.
Slightly fail. I did lose some weight but not enough!

2. Keep track of where my money goes
Partly a success. I still bought a bunch of random shizz that I don't necessarily need.  
But I do still have quite a bit of leftover :)

3. One "vegan day" a week
Success! I am going to increase the amount of days on this one!

4. Work out more often
Fail. :( 

5. Practice Latin
I only practice because I have too. Haha!

6. Appreciate the people around me
Don't know how to judge this one.

7. Get in touch with some old friends and family.

8. Continue to be happy?
I guess last month was a bit of both? :)

9. Save!

10. Live

Omgoodness. I haven't achieve anything significant this month did I? :(
I hope resolution effect is not running out like it usually does! 

Nevermind, I'll push myself harder in March. Gonna go make my month resolution!

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