Tuesday, 9 February 2010

213. Music Plug

Jason Mraz, Sleeping to Dream. <3

I hate morning classes! Well, classes at 10. But that doesn't matter, because I dislike it. 
Haha! But I do love seminars though. 
Albeit a horribly boring Politics and Development seminar.

I think I am going to withdraw some money today and pamper myself a little bit :), I think I deserve it, no? I feel like getting myself some really good Hot Chocolate and Strawberry Tarts from United Bakeries for breakfast. Mmmmm!

I gave the last post a bit of thought and wondered if I should remove it, since it was one of those impulsive writings, but I decided not to. Because, I believe what is said, is said. And there really is no taking it back. So that stays :) (Or in this case, what I write)

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