Sunday, 28 February 2010

237. March resolutions!

I thought this was so cute!

Children's dinner I made :)

March Resolutions

1. Make a food diary
I want to see what I eat, so then maybe I'll see that I eat wayyy too much junk food. And that I can also save quite a bit by not buying so much crap all the time.

2. Set up another saving account 
Part of my "ways to save" method. Put money away and don't look at it. Thus not being able to spend it. Start saving for summer trip, pay off people :)

3. Cut down on eating out?
Last month, I must have spent at least 1300 NOK just on eating out. And not even proper food!
Those coffee and buns before school, in between classes, occasional café trips, eating out all adds up to quite a bit! 
I am so utterly surprised when I finally checked my bank account last month! Who knew?

4. Write my shopping want list
Who am I kidding if I say, I will not shop. But maybe if I plan carefully I would not end up buying too much rubbish?

5. Be nicer to Magnar
Sometimes I can be such a "Nazi girlfriend". Sometimes I believe it is based, sometimes after I calm down, I can be quite ridiculous. Sometimes I never know where we are heading, but most times I know he is one of the best thing that has ever happened.

6. Be more eloquent. 
This is going to be a hard one. I ramble and mumble too often!


7. Donate?
Possibly find another charity organizations I can donate too?
Find an organization I am passionate about?

8. Get myself a summer job
Must get summer job. Must get summer job. Must get summer job.

9. Get that very much needed haircut
This is more stress than Latin, and yes... I know it is just hair. That is it, in March. I am going to get it cut! trimmed. :) *Super determined.

10. Live

Picture taken outside : Forsningsparken (?) T-bane station! Hilarious!


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