Sunday, 14 February 2010

219. Café updates!

Its been such a long time since the last Café Run, figured I updated that tab bar :)

This was Food Story,
Somewhere in Birkelunden. 

Honestly I thought the brownie was mediocre. The Cocoa was good though!
Very nice ambience, weird location, but not exactly one that I would recommend. 

There is a bit of a funny story behind this Café trip. Basically, the four of us. Jens, Rona, Marius and I was supposed to attend a concert in Oslo. But because of some "error in planning" *cough my error cough*

We went all the way to Oslo only to find out that tickets were sold out! :( 
Typical isn't it. 

So there we were in Oslo with nothing else to do.

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