Saturday, 20 February 2010

226. Oh Tiger

So much Tiger this year, First it was Tiger new year, now it is Tiger Woods. 

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So, can someone explain why he finds the need made a public apology? 
Let alone, no cheater has ever made an apology sincere enough, what makes this one any different? Its just a bunch of words carefully scripted and spoken.
Hello? Haven't history thought us anything? Bill Clinton? John Edwards?

Seeing that he himself said that there are many matters out there that belongs solely between Elin and him. 
Why do you need to call a media conference then?

So you get to admit, what you have done wrong?
Everyone already know what you did, Oh Tiger dearest. 

I am insanely biased towards cheaters, so I just see this as a desperate attempt to gain back sponsorships.

He has not done any of us wrong.
Don't apologize! 
He doesn't need to apologize to anyone but to Elin right now!

Hrmph, I don't like it when people assume an apology is enough to make everything right again is the point!

Oh, And the excuse of being a sex addict is just a load of complete crap. 

And then I also wonder, how come none of those 192839 whores got any of the blame?
Just because they are not famous and rich, they shouldn't get the blame too?
Its even worse when, all those woman go and claim sympathy from the media and be all "Oh, no... Tiger made me pregnant and I had to suffer in silence all this while" "Tiger is such a cheater"

 Uhh, helloooo? 
Those woman need to shattap sometimes!

Just like Elizabeth Edwards say during an Oprah interview (wife of John Edwards, who is also another woman who's husband had been unfaithful) 
"Where are a woman's respect for other woman these days?"
You knew he was married and carried on having a relationship?
I despise people like that. Just as much as I despise the one who cheated! 
Because you knew, and you didn't stop it. It is a vicious cycle. 

Edit : Ugh! Cheating people who just dont get it is so annoying!
If you ask me, the media should now stop focusing on them too, because we do have much more important issues at hand.
And Elin should just hire a darn good lawyer and take everything she can. If he does it once, he will/can do it again
Then again, who am I to say all these right :) 

Rant end. So nice to get it out of the system.


kenwooi said...

tiger woods just wanna save his ass =P

Lisa! said...

His ass cannot be saved.

Maybe his golfing career can be saved, because he is a good golfer, but his husband image in MY eyes is ... not a very bright one :P

atreyu strange said...

It's all about the money and cheap publicity. That Rachel chick is at worst. She still slept with him even after the scandals were exposed! Like, DIRT CHEAP.


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