Sunday, 21 February 2010

227. Superlove

That is my ridiculously good smoothie!
A layer of banana-strawberry, blended raspberry and strawberry, cream then topped with some frozen strawberry! Mmmm!

Now that is a word I use one time too many "Superlove" its like my trademark "Awesomecakes" "Poompkinpie" and (insert 10 more made up pet names for the Booblelyboo)
If I can't swear and curse, I can come up with my own lingo.

I would like to update you all with something awesome and worthwhile but well, that didn't happen this weekend. 

I spend a good part of today making Birthday invites for the little girl I babysit. I am not completely done with it yet, but when it is done... it is going to be a fantaboloustic! I'll show a picture when I upload them on the comp!
It is basically a ballerina invite with organza cut skirt out to give a 3D effect of a real tutu! Its Superlove!

I made that! Children hamburger, layered with all possible random mix

Besides that, I have just been planning on my great baking adventure tomorrow! I am going to make some lemon squares because the last batch turned out awesome! Then I am going to keep my idea of also making  some pineapple tarts to keep into the Chinese New Year mood!
And Marius is going to come and help and we are going to eat some burritos and have a good time! :)

Gtg now :( Blog later awesomepies! 

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