Thursday, 4 February 2010

207. Case of the missing wallet

Can you sense the wrath?

Now, if any one of you is in the possession of my missing wallet. Please hand it back to me! 
I have been looking for it for exactly a day now, and if I cant find it back within the next 12 hours, I have to start calling about canceling debit cards. I don't remember if I had more than just one card in there, but I think so. I don't remember what I have in there. 

Hrmph, the one time I actually have money left over from shopping is the time I lose my things. I knew I should have bought that Purple shoes! See, karma bites back! Hrmph.

But as the glass is always half full on my end *Cough* in the midst of looking for an elusive wallet, I did find my lipgloss, my eyeliner, my dear iPod, 100 NOK, my Guess tee, my charm that fell off my bracelet, buttons, lint and a massive pile of junk I have been looking for!

I never know how much cash I have but and since again my glass is half full... those items I now found should cover the loss? 

I am just fooling myself now, aren't I. Oh, Please shoot me.

Only worse thing about losing things like this is, reapplying for all those shizzz you have. 
How do I reapply for my Drivers permission thinggymajiggy, my library cards, all the bank cards Malaysian and Norwegian, my half completed buy 10 free 1 coffee from Garcon card, and I honestly don't remember what other crap I have in there! :(
How long would it take to get them all again?

Oh, Where could it be?

Not only that, I took a long shower with some orange soap thing. And now my skin itches like craaazy!
I never learn to understand, that I am sensitive to soaps with fragrance in them. Not completely allergic, just sensitive to dubious soaps. My whole leg and tummy.
Very very very itchy! :(
Should I take another shower to shower it off?

Sucks to be me today. 
Hope you had a better day than me! 
I go grumble to the Munchkin first, he usually makes me feel better. :)

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