Monday, 22 February 2010

229. Bake Day!

Since neither me nor Marius could decide what's better to bake this time around, we decided heck why not bake both Lemon Squares and my Chinese New Year Pineapple Tarts!

Now lets start with the Lemon Squares!
First you butter the "pan"
Then add the flour, butter and icing sugar

Make the custard and what nots

Somehow got distracted and forgot to take pictures of all the processes in between! :)

Tadah! Finish product

Wait, this is the final product

Serve up and eat :)

While doing that, and trying to entertain your guess start getting work done on your pineapple tarts!

Add sugar and pineapple
Keep string for a ridiculously long time...

Should then look something like this.

Insert some steps in between... I am not so good at this writing an instruction thing am I?

Bake it for 12 - 15 minutes and tadah! 
Taste of home. I kid you not! Oh sedapnya!

Okay this is the cool part, they both taste amazing.
Like I am not even kidding you effing good amazing super fattening kind! 

Wait, I shall put out the recipe later, aunt is calling me for some smoothie! 
We have been smoothie-ing everything since yesterday! 
Its a new toy we got for the kitchen and we are all having the "new toy" moment


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