Friday, 26 February 2010

235. Music Plug

Hollywood, Marina & The Diamonds

I heard her over the Jonathan Ross show right now, and I thought she was rather interesting to hear.
The beginning is a bit weird, but it does get better!
Its a very catchy pop song. Nam*

Oh, I love Johnathan Ross by the way. 

I got a funny story to tell, yesterday I was frantically looking for a navy blue scarf because I have this itch get a blue outfit put together. Understandable, rigghttt?

So I did, I got myself a navy blue scarf which I then find out I loveee!
Then, today I realized yesterdays buy was such a great one. The scarf was so nice and soft, with wrinkles and crinkles all in the right places...

A Black, A Red, The Blue, And a white one I was wearing. 

I end up buying 3 more today. In different colours of course. But eff this shizz. I have a problem. Ughh.


kenwooi said...

i miss wearing scarfs back in UK =P

Lisa! said...

Haha! I doubt you ever come back to check your comment but I have been seeing you everywhere kenwooi! :D


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