Sunday, 14 February 2010

218. Valentines!

I left Magnar some message in the snow. :)
Inspired by Colormekatie, improvised.

Then I also made him something rather cool! But I cant show it to you just yet. *Cough haven't finish making it cough*

Oh, the little hearts can easily be yours with a bottle of kitchen spray cleaning thinggymajiggy. And some red food colouring.

Picture doesn't really do it justice. It looks really good under normal lighting. I can only hope it is still there since I did it on Friday and its been warm and cold and warm and cold ever since. And Magnar is not coming home from Leeds till midnight today. So he might not even see it till tomorrow.

Oh no, possible project fail.

In case you are wondering, None of my emolicious post is really about Magnar. It's so much more about me. And no, I don't necessarily want to talk about it either. 

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