Monday, 22 February 2010

230. Best Lemon Squares

This could possibly be the best lemon squares recipe out there ever!
It has yet to fail me and I have done it twice now.

Magnarboy loves his lemons but I usually opt for a more chocolate-ty indulgence. 
But this lemon squares is so easy to make and so yummy it could convert a chocoholic.

Original recipe from here :

A bit annoying that he uses american measurements, but there is nothing a bit of Google's helping hand cant help :)

Its has a kind of crusty bottom and a goey really lemony middle part and its top is sprinkled with some vanilla sugar. 

Mmmmm! Why have I not discovered the wonders of lemon squares before.
For times when you can't decide cookies or cake. :)
I think I am going to make this everytime someone comes along!

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